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At Nuliner Inc, we provide high-quality oilfield trucking and pipe services to clients across the Midland and Odessa, TX communities. We specialize in new pipe sales, pipe inspections, and transportation services. To learn more about our company and all that we do, keep up with us on our blog! Inspections are one of our areas of expertise simply because they ensure safety and efficiency. Oilfield pipelines should never be overlooked, especially if they’re damaged or not working properly. They are premier sources of natural gas transportation that we depend on for energy efficiency. They help keep homes and businesses comfortable indoors and don’t have a harmful effect on the environment. 

You can count on Nuliner Inc. to ensure your safety and the environment remain a safe haven by enlisting our oilfield pipeline inspection service. We’ll make sure everything underground is working as it should, and if anything is damaged, we will fix it immediately.

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Count on Nuliner Inc. for dependable oilfield pipe inspections and more near Fort Worth, TX; Pecos, TX; Denver, CO; Oklahoma City, OK and beyond! To learn more about our company and all that we do, keep up with us on our blog!

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By proadAccountId-361754 20 Dec, 2016

At Nuliner Inc., we are leaders in quality pipe inspection and replacement piping, but we know that not everyone is an expert in oilfield pipes and equipment. It can be hard to know when you need to have your pipes inspected. Oilfield pipes move crude oil, and even minor problems can cause major issues and safety hazards. Take a look below at some indicators that you need an inspection.

  1. Leaking – If your pipes are leaking, the issue could have been caused by any number of factors. Our technology and equipment help us to quickly find the leak and the root of the problem so that your system can be repaired.
  2. Physical damage – Sometimes physical damage can cause your pipes to burst or leak. This type of damage can typically happen because of a storm or after construction work has been done.
  3. Pipes more than 30-40 years old – Older pipes can become rusted, weak and worn over time. If your pipes are older than 30-40 years, it’s time for an inspection.

Need New Pipes?

When your piping needs to be replaced, you’ll want to choose the best quality products to fix your system. Without high performance, durable piping, your entire oilfield operation can become compromised. Don’t let faulty pipes cause you to risk the safety of your crew or the integrity of your heavy-duty equipment. Nuliner Inc. can offer you affordable and long-lasting piping for a variety of applications. We offer both new and used pipes to meet your needs and your budget.

Types of Piping Available:

  • Seamless
  • Pressure Tubing
  • ERW
  • Continuous Weld
  • DSAW
  • Fusion Bond
  • Special Items

Be sure to contact our team when you need pipe inspections or new equipment! We serve Midland, TX; Odessa, TX ; Houston, TX; Fort Worth, TX; and more!

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