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Pipe Sales

Pipe Sales in Midland, TX; Dallas, TX; Oklahoma City, OK & Beyond

If you are in need of an oilfield pipe for your project, or even if you aren’t sure what you need, Nuliner Inc. is sure to have something in stock that can help you. No matter what type of structure you are looking to build, our inventory includes a variety of premium oilfield pipes for you to choose from. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced, and they are ready to assist you with all pipe sales, new and used.
Oilfield Pipe Inspections in Houston, TX - Nuliner Inc.

New and Used Oilfield Pipes in Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX & Further

At Nuliner Inc., we offer the following types of premium new and used oilfield pipes:
  • Seamless
  • Pressure Tubing
  • ERW
  • Continuous Weld
  • DSAW
  • Fusion Bond
  • Special Items

New vs. Used Oilfield Pipe Sales in Houston, TX; Pecos, TX; Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Areas

If you're in the market for pipe sales, you're probably wondering if new or used oilfield pipes are more practical for your needs. They both come with advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your business needs, new or used oilfield pipes for sale can be a good investment.

New pipes may be more costly up front, but you may save over time because you shouldn't have to replace them. New pipes haven't been exposed to any corrosion and are in excellent condition. 

Used pipe sales offer a lower initial cost, but may cost more over a lifetime with more maintenance, upkeep, and even replacements. There is a lot to weigh when deciding between new or used pipes for sale. 
This is the pipe-buying experience you have been waiting for. We will ensure the pipes are cut to your exact specifications, and if we don’t have something in stock, we will do our best to get it for you. From Midland to Odessa, TX, no one else is more recommended when it comes to pipe sales and services. If you're looking for a specific type of piping, just call Nuliner Inc. today!

Get in touch with the oilfield pipe experts at Nuliner Inc. today to find the new or used oilfield pipe you've been looking for.

Nuliner Inc. proudly provides new pipe sales & services throughout Denver, CO; Midland, Odessa, TX & beyond!

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