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Tulsa, OK

Oilfield Pipe Inspections in Tulsa, OK

The city of Tulsa, OK is the second largest in the state of Oklahoma and is the county seat of Tulsa County, OK. The city was settled between 1828 and 1836 by the Creek Native American tribe. According to the 2015 census, Tulsa has a population of more than 403,500. 

Tulsa, OK has played a major role in the oil industry over the years. Throughout most of the 20th century, Tulsa was nicknamed the "Oil Capital of the World." The first oil well was discovered there in 1901. Since then, there has been a significant increase in oil fields. 

With so many oilfields, Tulsa, OK relies on the experts of Nuliner Inc. for oilfield pipe inspections. We also offer new and used pipes and oilfield trucking services to Tulsa, OK. Contact Nuliner Inc. today to learn more about our oilfield pipe services!
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